Explore Washington DC Like a Local

Explore Washington DC Like a Local

Washington DC is one of the most exciting cities in the USA. There has been a lot of thought put behind making it the nation’s capital. The rest of the country has been built around it. This city s not just limited to politics or the white house. There is so much more for you to experience as a tourist once here. Here is a list of the things you can do once you are in Washington DC.

The White House

You cannot complete a tour of this place without exploring this magnificent architecture. It has been the home to the Presidents of the USA since the 18th century and the tradition still continues. But the building does not like the look it use to have before. It has been through numerous restorations and renovations since. If you are really serious about gaining access inside, you may book a tour of the White House well in advance.

National Mall

National Park Service is the backbone behind the National Mall. You would find many buildings and sites including the Capitol building and the Washington Monument. This place has witnessed many big events like the Civil Right movement speech. Martin Luther King, Jr’s had given the “I have a dream” speech here that inspired millions. You do not have to follow set timings, since the National Mall is open all through the day and night.

United States Capitol

United States Capitol

This landmark was built in the 1800s and it houses both House Representatives and the Senate. There is a lot of history and interruption to its completion. In the current times, there are a number of exhibitions and souvenir stores that you can visit here.

National Archives

This place is home to all the important documents pertaining to American history. You would find the declaration of independence, the Magna Carta, and other priceless papers. This place provides a safe place to store these documents. You do not always need to make a reservation. But it is preferable if you do so that you are not turned back for one reason or the other.


Washington DC has a lot to offer historically. This is the closest that you can to the history of America. There are also options of parks and different food places to try if you ever feel like this tour is becoming the mainstream. When you visit the US, you must ensure to visit these places. The maintenance of these places is extremely good. You would get to be a part of the history, while you also get to enjoy the other different aspects like their beauty and even take home some souvenirs for your family.

Jennifer Deford