Best Dishes To Try Out At The Washington DC Restaurants

Best Dishes To Try Out At The Washington DC Restaurants

Washington DC is one of the best cities in America to find a wide range of restaurants and eateries. Beyond an amazing experience on the Capitol Hill or Potomac River coast, you can try out the best meat dishes, seafood delicacies and vegan dishes to enjoy varied cuisines. However, you might be surprised, but some iconic dishes have made their name and names across the city, which now have world-wide recognition. If you are planning to visit the city anytime soon, check out the following dishes that you shouldn’t miss out on anytime!

Sticky buns at Blue Duck Tavern

This dish is one of the iconic Washington breakfasts where you can enjoy the freshly baked pecan sticky buns, lathed in maple syrup.

Along with the dish, the Blue Duck Tavern also serves an elaborate breakfast platter which is filled with scrambled eggs and grilled meats. You would be surprised at the grandeur of the restaurant but they offer one of the best homely breakfasts for real satisfaction.

Shio Ramen at Daikaya Ramen Shop

Shio Ramen at Daikaya Ramen Shop

One of the best noodle bowl junctions, this restaurant is a sure-shot attraction for all foodies looking for Japanese and Korean dishes. Shio Ramen or the salt and spicy ramen noodle bowl is a full meal bowl which is also served with several other side dishes like soups, the DC-famous mumbo sauce, vegetables or grilled meat pieces.

Pop Tarts at Ted’s Bulletin

If you are looking for a fitting dessert for your  hot and spicy meals, you should definitely check out the Ted’s Bulletin’s multi-flavoured tarts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

They have four exotic flavours, namely blueberry cheesesteak, brown sugar cinnamon, strawberry and salted caramel. You can also check out their American flavored cakes, toasts and Swiss rolls for a change.

Half Smokes in Ben’s Chili Bowl

After the hot and sour mumbo sauce, half grilled hotdogs are certainly the must to try dishes and Ben’s Chilli Bowl is just the place to enjoy the authentic taste. This remarkable sausage is 50% pork and 50% beef, which is then smoked to give out a husky flavour. As their name suggests, the sausages are finally layered with their iconic chilli sauce to give out the rich flavour.

Grilled Oysters

The charred and grilled oysters are definitely the ones to try out, as they are the softest meat you can find. The healthy oysters, when smoked and grilled, become the best dishes to savour with sauces and soups with their added husky flavor. You won’t imagine all the types of oysters in the best grill houses offer the authentically prepared feasts.

Jumbo Pizzas

Pizzas are delights everywhere, but do you know that many Washington pizzas now have the best jumbo sized pizza for your entire gang? These extra-large-sized pizzas can be 16-18 inches in diameter and available in a plethora of flavors and toppings.

Broccoli Taco at Maiz64

If you are a vegan foodie, you don’t have to adjust to Ceaser salad or Mc Donalds as you can try out the best vegetarian tacos. Tacos with charred broccoli or tortilla wraps with stuffed veggies are some of their  best dishes to check out.

Jennifer Deford